As Christmas approaches many people are wondering what would make the perfect gift? I want to give you six reasons not to buy a pet.

1. Pets are just that, a pet not a toy.

2. Pets, especially baby ones need constant care like a human baby. If you work who is going to take care of your pet?

3. Pet are expensive, very expensive on your budget and your time. There is food, medical maintenance, shelter. The cost of the pet fees if you rent will ruin your budget by itself.

4. Buying from a Breeder is expensive just a get a designer pet. Save your money for the kids college.

5. You can not just give them back when you are tired of their presence in your home.

6. The number one reason not to buy a pet for Christmas! There are 5 million dogs & cats killed in America mainly because someone thought it would be COOL to have a Pet.

Merry Christmas, God Bless You and Save a life. If you have to buy a pet, Adopt from your local animal shelter, please do not buy a pet from a back yard breeder.

Remember, Adopt A Pet, Buy The A Home!

#AdoptAPetBuyThemAHome  #AskTheRealEstateLady